Supporting clergy and licensed lay ministers, in times of financial hardship, who minister in the Diocese of Chelmsford

A couple at home with their daughter reading a book. A couple at home with their daughter reading a book.
Two ministers looking at the camera

Formerly known as the Essex Clergy Charity Corporation, the LMDC Charity supports clergy and licensed lay people in financial hardship, who minister within the Diocese of Chelmsford.
Our beneficiaries include,

  • Incumbents, or clergy holding the bishop’s licence
  • Clergy retired from stipendiary ministry, and their widows 
  • Lay minsters who hold the bishop’s licence – i.e. LLMs also known as Readers, Licensed Lay Workers and Church Army Officers.
  • As much as we would like to offer help to everyone in these lay ministries, our resources just do not allow us to.
  • So, for the time being our grants will be primarily for those taking a sole lead role in a parish supported by an incumbent in a neighbouring parish.

May the Lord Jesus Christ help us all to remember that in administering the affairs of the Charity we seek to do His will as the servants of the servants of God.