Charitable objects

The objects of the Charity are to make payments towards the relief of poverty and financial hardship or disadvantage, under one or more of the following heads:

(a) Grants to meet exceptional expenditure occasioned by sickness, accident, or domestic crisis;

(b) Grants to relieve financial hardship related to household and family expenditure; for the benefit of

i) those persons serving in the Diocese of Chelmsford who shall, for the time being be: beneficed clergy, or hold an Episcopal licence to any public ministry, or hold an Episcopal grant of permission to officiate;

ii) those persons formerly within category (i) above who have not subsequently been admitted to a pensionable ministerial office in the Church of England (other than in the diocese of Chelmsford) nor engaged in regular public ministry as a member of any other religious body to the preclusion of their capacity to accept an invitation to undertake such a ministry in the Church of England;

iii) dependents of persons currently in category (i) or (ii) above;

iv) surviving dependents of deceased persons who at the time of their death were in category (i) or (ii) above and who continue to be in demonstrable need of ongoing support.


Charity Number

Our charity number is 239238.